Fingerprint Heart Lock Charm




Capture the unique fingerprint of your loved one in a beautiful fine silver charm.


Heart Lock Charms are available with a single print or double prints.


Necklace chains can be added separately.

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All our charms are made from 99.9% fine silver.

Please note that children under six months old and sometimes older may not have defined fingerprints. It is entirely up to you at what age you choose to take a fingerprint impression for a young child.  Many find that any impression is unique and special leading them to go ahead with fingerprint jewellery when the child is very young and capturing a lovely dimple.

Necklace chains can be added separately.  Please click here to see the range available.

Once we have received your order, we will send you 2 mould kits to take your fingerprints along with helpful instructions on how to take the prints easily at home.  Please place the finished moulds in the envelope provided and return to us so we can get started on creating your special piece.

The finished charm will be delivered within 28 days from receipt of your prints.

The charms are medium sized and are approximately 2cm in width.

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Single Print, Double Prints


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